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About Us,
who we are and why exist.

About Us,
who we are.

Offering the most responsive and professional support service in the industry is a highly strategic goal for us. We continually measure, analyze and improve it to make sure we stay on top.

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Our services and products are flexible and designed to work in synergy with your ultimate business goals to help you achieve your brand objectives.

we exist

we exist

Your Internet Strategic Development and Business Solutions Provider

Internet Strategic Development
& Business Solutions Provider

Most often Small to Medium Businesses are neglected and no one looks after their Information Technology needs.

Ambassage Internet Solutions was born therefore as a child of necessity to answer the specifics needs and wants of this fast growing sector.

Our passion is to be the partner of choice and first instance for Internet Strategic Development and Business Software Solutions for the success and excellence of these brands.

We are always looking for solutions and innovations that will enhance and leverage the power of the internet for SMBs to reach new market frontiers, do business tasks efficiently and expand their global footprint.

Here is how we work

Work Of Wonders.

Work Of Wonders.

Everything that we do, we do it for the success and excellence of valuable stakeholders in a sustainable, cost effective and responsible way.

website and application development


Reliability and functionality of websites and applications we develop is of uttermost importance to us. Great care and research was undertaken in selecting frameworks and softwares to use for the development of the websites and application for our clients.

After a carefull consideration we took an informed decison that all our websites and applications should comply and conform with the website and internet standards and the enhanced user experience.

Our websites are written in valid HTML5 code upon the tried and tested Bootstrap framework, styled using CSS3, jQuery for animation and font awesome icons.

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internet marketing


It very important for brands to communicate with their target markets in a clear and consistent voice everytime always. This communication has to be where the people are and whenever they are looking to satisfy a need for information to make decisons.

This is where internet delivered advertising solutions come in. With our wide range of solutions powered by Google designed to converse with your clients during their I want to moments.

We offer Search Engine, You Tube Display Network, Mobile and Application marketing platforms and options.

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internet marketing

digital security

Digital Security

The emergence and dominance of the internet as a communication and interaction platform has also led to the proliferation of malicious charatcers bent on harmful intents.

With us, you do not have to be worried that your online life will compromised. We have a range of security solutions designed to fortify your digital devices and servers.

Our solutions cover mobile devices, Laptops, Desktops and webservers. We have Anti Virus, Firewalls Internet Shields, Web Server Integrity and Client - Server Encryption Security Software Solutions.

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Internet Powered Business Solutions
Connecting You With Today’s Technology.

Internet Powered Business Solutions
Connecting You With Today’s Technology.